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Bérénice Marlohe is the Face for Swarovski’s Sparkling Moments Campaign 2013

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Swarovski’s eye-catching novelties worn by Bérénice

Bérénice Marlohe Swarovski's Sparkling Moments Campaign

Bérénice Marlohe Swarovski’s Sparkling Moments Campaign

Bérénice Marlohe, the stunning top model and French actress, who is now joined the exclusive club of the Bond girls, features the new Swarovski campaign “Sparkling Moments”.

Berenice exudes style and natural elegance, which blends perfectly with Swarovski. The campaign features, in 34 countries worldwide, a collection of products among the most beloved and versatile Swarovski, including the iconic Nirvana ring, which enhances the beauty and appearance of a woman.

Swarovski has chosen the famous Danish photographer, Signe Vilstrup to develop and express this new concept.

The idea was to show how the sparkle and beauty of the jewelry transcends simple moments of a women’s daily life,

says the photographer.

Day after day, the jewelry Swarovski emphasize the aura of beauty of every woman.

Watch Swarovski’s campaign “Sparkling Moments” Tactic novelties collection video

Visit Swarovski’s website to read more detailed info about Sparkling Moments Campaign www.swarovski.com .

Visit Signe Vilstrup’s website to find more about her great work signevilstrup.dk

Interview with Bérénice Marlohe for Harper’s BAZAAR by Benjamin Kanarek and Frédérique Renaut

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Focus on Bérénice Marlohe

As promised, we present the exclusive video interview with Bérénice Marlohe the new James Bond “Skyfall” Girl for Harper’s BAZAAR by Benjamin Kanarek and Frédérique Renaut which was given in Paris at Hotel de Crillon, Paris, after a full day shooting for Harper’s BAZAAR.

Bérénice is talking about her self and role in the film beside Daniel Craig. She Answers many questions like “How did you get the part in Skyfall?”, “What is your favorite Jame Bond Movie?”, “Your favorite James Bond Girl?”,  Defining moments…, “Your earliest childhood memory?”, “Where you ever a trouble maker in school?”, “If you could meet anybody…”, “A word of wisdom from Bérénice…”. This amazing and interesting video interview is a Benjamin Kanarek and Frédérique Renaut production.

Video Direction by Frédérique Renaut. Fashion and beauty team:  Styling by Sohei Yoshida, Make-Up by Angélik Iffennecker at Marie-France Thavonekham, Hair by Patrice Delaroche, at Labelagence, Photo Assistant: Benoît Tremblay, Stylist Assistants: Haruka Suzuki, Eric Waroll, Digital Retouching: Sebastian Reuter. Video Soundtrack “Starting you up again“written & performed by ZeM from the “Heavy duty Burden” Album.

For this interview, Miss Bérénice Marlohe wearing Alaxandre Vauthier.


Berenice Marlohe and Daniel Craig at the “Skyfall” Royal Opening in London

Berenice Marlohe and Daniel Craig at the “Skyfall” Royal Opening in London

You can read more about this interview here: http://www.benjaminkanarekblog.com/fydb © Benjamin Kanarek

Bérénice Marlohe Photographed by Benjamin Kanarek for Harper’s BAZAAR Spain

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James Bond, Skyfall Girl Bérénice Marlohe, Harper’s BAZAAR cover © Benjamin Kanarek

The Canadian fashion photographer Benjamin Kanarek who shots for Harper’s BAZAAR, VOGUE and Cosmopolitan share with us his Harper’s BAZAAR en Español, November 2012, 7th French James Bond Skyfall Girl, Bérénice Marlohe Cover’s and Inside Fashion Editorial.

Photos © Benjamin Kanarek

These James Bond Skyfall Girl fashion shoots come along with an exclusive video from the shooting in the unrivalled location of the Hotel De Crillon, in Paris by Frédérique Renaut.

Benjamin Kanarek and Frédérique Renaut launched in July 2009 an amazing Blog about fashion photography business. An exclusive video interview with Bérénice Marlohe comming soon so stay tuned!! Find more on Benjamin Kanarek Blog http://www.benjaminkanarekblog.com/8gyx

“My name is Bérénice. Bérénice Marlohe”

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When the 23rd James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ opens in November, the name Bérénice Marlohe is likely to reach stellar heights overnight. In her role as one of the Bond girls, Bérénice will inhabit one of cinema’s most desirable parts in one of its most recognizable franchises.

As with most of the past James Bond movies, its actors are catapulted into the world’s media, starting with a series of prestigious and high profile premieres around the world, being transported around in limousines and clad in the most exclusive designer outfits. It is what any aspiring actor dreams whilst perhaps working in ad campaigns for perfumes, clothing or limo insurance.

Sky’s the limit

Most of the storylines in ‘Skyfall’ remain shrouded in secrecy till the all important opening day, but what is already common knowledge is Bérénice is cast as Severine, a mysterious femme fatale with links to Raoul Silva, played by former Oscar-winner (‘No Country for Old Men’) Javier Bardem.

Landing such a high profile part often ensures worldwide fame, and for some – the start of a lifelong career. This has already been the case for some of the past Bond girls. Just look at the way being a Bond girl turned Halle Berry from being a ‘Hollywood it’ girl into a famous ‘sexpot’. Or how virtually unknown French actress Eva Green became an in-demand actress with a host of other films under her belt post her Bond tenure (e.g. Golden Compass, Dark Shadows).

From struggling actress to Bond girl

Prior to being awarded the part as a Bond girl, Bérénice was, in her own words ‘a struggling actress’ in France. She went to Los Angeles to look for her big break in the film industry. This was not plain sailing; there were many rejections, before she found out about the imminent auditions for a new James Bond movie. She managed to find out the casting director’s email address, sent her show reel and this set off a series of auditions; first with the casting director, then with director Sam Mendes and lastly with James Bond himself – Daniel Craig.Daniel Craig James Bond

Success has not changed her

Bérénice has been quoted as saying that despite being part of the huge franchise machinery that is James Bond, she has remained grounded.

“I didn’t come here suddenly, by accident. It was a long journey of many, many years,”  Bérénice said. “I just foresee working and moving forward in my life and as an actress and in my work, but what is surprising is that I see the look of people outside surrounding me change suddenly, so this is what gives me the feeling that suddenly things are changing.”

The creation of a new type of Bond girl

A big fan of her co-star Daniel Craig, Bérénice has described how the James Bond character has changed thanks to Craig “instilling very different colors – like vulnerability, like strong and tough, almost like a robot sometimes, but on the other hand, very human, very sensible with a sense of humor”.

Bérénice terms this development “modernity” and has used this evolution of the role, a reference for her own part as Severine. She was quoted as saying that she wanted to create a ‘unique character’ for the part, rather than being influenced by earlier Bond girls.

“I see her more like a very unique character in a unique movie, more than a Bond Girl actually, so I really wanted to work on this character to create something charismatic and suspenseful on screen, more than what a Bond Girl can before have referred to, just a woman to be saved.”Ursula Andress as Honey  Ryder

Bérénice – soon the name on everyone’s lips and invites

Skyfall may not yet be out, but Bérénice has already started to make waves within popular media. Online site askmen.com declared her one of the ‘Top 99 Women’ of 2012, with a 90th place, situated between TV star US film star Lake Bell (89) and UK reality Amy Childs (91).

This is likely to be only the beginning of a whirlwind of opportunities offered Bérénice.

As a beautiful and celebrated actress, she will be hot property and in strong demand at a myriad prestigious events, such as glamorous launches and openings. Exclusive fashion designers, for instance, will be clamoring for her attention. The media is already speculating on her choice of attire for the world premiere of ‘Skyfall’, following the striking, red Antonio Berardi dress she wore at the initial press photocall.

Her Bond girl predecessor, Olga Kurylenko was spotted sitting front row at an uber-exclusive Chanel couture fashion show – expect Bérénice to be a natural addition come the next show.

Chanel Haute Couture Fall Winter 2011

James Bond SKYFALL – Official Trailer

Photo source:wikimedia.org

Bérénice Marlohe the new Bond Girl Severine, in Skyfall

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Bérénice Marlohe a glamorous and enigmatic Bond Girl

With the new James Bond movie Skyfall, there is a new James Bond Girl by the name Bérénice Marlohe. This is the 23rd 007 movie of the James Bond franchise after the previous Casino Royale flick. Daniel Craig will be playing 007 and the villain will be Javier Bardem. One familiar face is Naomi Harris who will be one of the girls in the movie but Bérénice Marlohe is a new face to the movie. While she is relatively unknown, there are several new things about her that have emerged. She was born on May 19, 1979 making her 32 this year. She is then the oldest bond girl to don that mantel because the previous flick Casino Royale’s actor Eva Green who played Vesper Lynde was only 26 years old at the shoot while Gemma Arterton who played as Strwaberry Fields on Quantum of Solace was just 22 years of age for that movie. At 32 years of age, Bérénice Marlohe is without doubt the oldest to play that role but this French beauty has the sparkle and moves to put it off as the exotic bond girl as it has been in the previous movies.

berenice marlohe james bond skyfall severine

However, she is not the oldest to have played that role because Halle Berry was 36 years of age when she played Jinx in Die another Day James Bond Movie. Skyfall could be her first big break because this French beauty had been previously playing in French television shows such as the Père et Maire (Father and Mayor) and Femmes de Loi (Women of the Law) and it will also be her big welcome into the big screen because her first gig was in a short film which she did in 2007. However, she is not new to the lime light because she was a model before who graced the catwalk before she ventured into acting. That explains her sexy body which is perfect for the new role she will be playing. She is said to be married but seems to keep her private life just that, private because it is not known who her husband is. Maybe after a few more appearances on the big screens we will know. Bérénice’s big screen debut was just this year in 2011 in a movie known as L’Art de Séduire (The Art of Seduction) which is a French film still. She has not been in any English big screens as Skyfall will be her first.

james bond skyfall logo

Her prowess in playing sexy characters is not new because she previously played similar character in a French medical drama Équipe Médicale d’Urgence. She is said to be a go-getter because after she heard that the casting for Skyfall which was being done in Paris where she is based, she contacted the casting director personaly and got the spot despite an intense competition. Bérénice Marlohe is the second French actress to play Bond girl others being Claudine Auger who played in the 1965 Thunderball, Caroline Bouque in For Your Eyes Only, 1981, Sophie Marceau in The World is Not Enough in 1996, Eva Green in 2006’s Casino Royale and Olga Kurylenko in Qunatum of Solace in 2008.